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Public Outreach & Community Programs

Dinétahdóó Cultural Resources Management takes great pride in giving back to our Navajo communities and the lasting bonds that are formed through our various outreach programs. DCRM has worked with programs such as Save the Children, New Mexico Coalition for Literacy, and Americorp. Dinétahdóó also created and supported a program for interested participants of all ages to learn about the history and process of Navajo weaving.

Childrens Cultural Education Program


DCRM has sponsored a cultural outreach program for Navajo youth which covered a wide range of topics regarding Navajo culture and heritage. Dinétahdóó CRM promoted the learning and retention of this knowledge through various channels, including guest speakers and field trips. We feel that by bringing our unique past to our future leaders, we can instill pride in our people in order to maintain our traditional knowledge.



Dinétahdóó worked with the Save the Children program to reach local children in the Upper Fruitland, Huerfano, and Nenahnezad Navajo Chapter areas. Activities were centered on the transmission of cultural knowledge in a physical environment, which meant that a lot of hands-on instruction was given. This approach saw the children opening up to the information being taught, which in turn enriched the lives of all who participated.

Weaving Program


Dinétahdóó has also sponsored a community class centered around the traditional Navajo art of weaving. DCRM brought in master Navajo weavers who instructed participants on the finer points of making rugs, blankets, sash belts, and other textiles. Participant skill level and age varied, although all gained a deeper and more appreciative respect for the ancient art.


Dinétahdóó took a few of the participants to surrounding art shows and inter-tribal cultural gatherings to expose other people to the art of Navajo weaving. These experiences not only reaffirmed long held knowledge of Navajo culture within the participants, but they also formed new friendships and bonds among community members and DCRM staff. 

Other Programs


DCRM has also participated in other useful and fulfilling outreach opportunities. Dinétahdóó has published a pamphlet with information on traditional plant uses and their meanings to Navajo people. This is but a small contribution to the efforts DCRM has made to the pursuit of keeping Navajo tradition and culture alive and well.


Dinétahdóó realizes that protecting the past is important, but strengthening the future is also a priority. In the past years, DCRM has partnered with the New Mexico Coalition for Literacy to tackle the problem of illiteracy that is prevalent among Navajo adults. Through this program, DCRM provided the skills and equipment neccessary to those who sought help learning to read. Giving back to the community has always been a focal point of the DCRM outreach mission.

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